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I’m originally from a small Michigan town, not exactly the apex of the
arts for sure, but a decent place to grow up. You know, PURE MICHIGAN
and all that. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials.

In high school, once I figured out I wasn’t going to be the next
Andre Agassi (I can totally smoke the average Joe in tennis), I bucked up
and went to a small college in the pastoral town of Cedarville, Ohio,
majored in graphic design (minored in studio art), married a beautiful girl,
and pretty much fell in love with design.

So far, I’ve done some consumer branding and packaging for
some Fortune 500 companies, developed some cool patterns, logos,
illustrations and print materials. I’ve done some nice branding for
a local barbershop and baseball team, and a bunch of work in between.
I intend to keep designing until it actually feels like work. So, if
you’ve got a communication need, give me a call or toss me an email,
tell me your story. I’ll ask you a bunch of questions, we’ll plan
the attack and just get down to it.

When I’m not busy solving design problems, I’m adding to
my collection of cheap knit and flat bill caps, fixing one of the never
ending issues in my 1890’s home, participating in the daily expected
tea party with my almost 2 year old daughter, and lamenting the fact
that Ohio winters are impeding my ability to fish on open water.